Understanding CFD Trading

 Understanding CFD Trading

 profits and losses are determined by the difference between the price at whichyou enter into a trade and the  level at which you close it. 

How to trade CFDs


  1.   Choose the underlying asst, such as S&P 500  to trade on. Brokers offer   a wide range of global markets and assets, including forex, indices, commodities, shares and treasuries.

  2. Choose to Long or Short– Buy if you believe prices will hike, or sell  if you believe prices will drop

    Every forex and CFD broker seems to be offering bitcoin and/or ethereum trading nowadays. On the surface, they all seem the same. But, we all know the basics that spreads and margin vary by broker to distinguish their crypto offering. Beyond the simple differences in trading conditions, what else should traders keep in mind when choosing a broker to trade cryptocurrencies? Forex traders know that there is a big difference between normal market spreads and spreads during volatile periods such as pre/post economic news announcements.